Thursday, July 2, 2009

3 Models 4 Photogs

A few weeks ago, I was invited to a model shoot by photographer friends Maurice Ramirez and Ray Somersano of Apertura. Ray's partner in crime and equal parnter of Apertura Photo, Erwin was there as well. I won't lie, I was humbled, scared and giddy all at once for the invite. All three of these guys are excellent photographers and seriously brought the awesome for this shoot. I felt like the fat girl at the prom, "just glad to be here". Thanks for the invite guys.

We started at a studio in San Francisco and then made our way to an outdoor urban location found by Maurice. Amazing place. WHAT A FIND! If you're a Bay Area Photographer and would like to know where the location was, don't ask. I won't tell you. ;)

Thank you Raquel for bringing it once again. You are amazing at what you do. If any of my brides are without a make-up artist for their wedding day, I HIGHLY recommend her. Raquel was the MUA for the castle shoot we had a few months back. BIG thanks to Diamond Bridals as well for the use of the dresses once again. You guys do exquisite work. Contact info for both are below:

Raquel Siders (MUA)
Image Provocateur & VIP-CAT Makeup Academy
Solon 916.474.5578

Diamond Bridal Gallery

Lastly, thank you Erin, Angel and Haley for being beautiful. You guys worked you hearts out. I hope you love the pictures. Thanks for the look everyone. Happy 4th of July!!


Maurice the model. He helped me with some light check. I like the cyborg look his eye gave.

Annnnnnnnnd. Some behind the scenes. I'm the plump dude in the orange shirt. :)


Sahid said...

Holy shizst man... these are absolutely incredible. The lighting in all of them are perfect. Was it all artificial, or did you mix in some natural light as well? I love the concepts too... esp. the saw shot. Also, the snoot shots look dope. Just wowness dude. I Sooo want to come to one of these with you guys one day. This session trumps all your other model shoots... hands down.

- Sahid

Sahid said...

By the way, I've noticed you're incorporating some Avendon influenced shots, with the settings and poses. Some of the shots (like the lipstick in mirror) has that feel from his more recent fashion shoot with the girl and skeletons. I'm digging it either way. I guess Evan is to thank for that.

Asim Soofi said...

You rocked it bro. Muchos Kudos. ;)

maura kate moore said...

you always elicit the most amazing shapes out of your subjects - brides, models, and portrait clients alike.


Lo- said...

wow! wow! wow! amazing shots. you all look like you had soooo much fun!

Deanna said...

love, love, love! really amazing work. these have got to be the best kinds of shoots! like the blog-look update too. =)

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...


Rima (Occasion Photography) said...

These are fantastic shots!

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