Monday, July 13, 2009

Kris Seibold :: Musician

I had the privilege of shooting for Kris Seibold a few weeks back. Kris is a well know Christian music singer/songwriter, Kris is also on the tail end of putting out his first ever CD. While on our session he would zone out while strumming the guitar and I would zone in on capturing his spirit through the lens. I think we did good bud.

Kris, you are a really cool dude. I wish you much success in all you endeavor. You sound incredible and your attitude is just as awesome my friend. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BUY HIS CD! :)
Though it's still under construction, here is a link to his new website. Bookmark it and go visit in a few days. : Kris Seibold

I will be posting another 2 weddings and 2 engagement sessions this week. Blog will be poppin. Come back soon. Take care everyone. Blessings.



Alain said...

Wow! These are awesome, especially the first half of the batch.

I have to produce a video with my 5D for a friend who is a musician and just looking at these pictures gave me a lot of ideas.

To me, they feel more like stills taken from a clip than pictures. And I mean that in a good way!

Tony Hoffer said...

Sam owns earth.

Jason Lee said...

Holy Cow! I had to do a double take on the laying down shot. Awesome creativity Sam!

Kim Seibold said...

I am the proudest sister in the universe. You're photography is amazing! I can't wait to see & hear the final touches of his CD!

Tim H said...

Very nice, Sam. I too feel you've captured Kris' spirit in lighting, mood, surroundings and expression. Very well done.

Stephanie Osborne said...

I absolutely love the shot of him with his feet up against the wall. The fact that you got to coffee cup to stick to the wall as well is genius. What an amazing set SAM!

lindsay michele said...

Ditto on the coffee cup one. Just awesome.

travisthepinata said...

you so stole your silo's from me.. those are traviswilliams quality dude.. glad I can inspire :)

coffee cup on the wall pure maddness! OMG OMG !

Chris Paine said...

Kick ass set Sam, they are all amazing. I especially love the last one, so very well done.

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