Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scott & Sarah :: Wedding

Napa is truly a gorgeous city. Vineyards, wineries, rolling green hills, just wow. I can easily see why it was chosen as a backdrop for Scott and Sarah's wedding. Nothing was compromised in creating this story book wedding. Down to the smallest details, the wedding was smashing. So, boy meets girl. Boy likes girl. Girl like boy in return. Boy proposes. Girls says yes. Boy and girl plan incredible wedding in Napa with a Mario Bros theme. Yeah....that's about the long and short of it.

For all the brides that stalk my blog, pleeeease consider having the guys do tan suits for the wedding if your color scheme calls for it. By far my favorite choice. And how cool is this, a Mario Bros. theme!! Scott works in the VG industry and it seemed such a fit for their big day. Soooooo cool. Sarah, you make a beautiful bride. There is a timeless grace about you in front of the camera. Congrats guys. Enjoy the shots.



Anonymous said...

excellent job, once again. thanks for sharing.

Jeremy Clay Photography said...

Wicked as always, Sam.

Alex @ Door51 said...

Absolutely love the ring shot, Sam! Keep on rockin'!

Ben Quesinberry said...

Sign me up for the Sam Hassas fan club. Awesome work, as always. Thanks for the inspiration.

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