Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Delaina & Danny :: Engagement Session

These two came all the way up from Bakersfield to do a session with me a couple weeks back. We'll be shooting their wedding down there in October. Gonna be fun boys and girls.

We did our shoot in two places, Japanese Tea Gardens and then Downtown San Jose. Lots of people traffic. People either kill your shot or enhance it beyond measure. The last 2 are a great example. Come on, a dude getting arrested, that's awesome. One of my favorite shots in my entire portfolio along with the last one.

You guys are high style. Enjoy the shots in well see you in a couple months. Blessings


1 comment:

Loving my Tater Tot said...

Wow ~ I haven't seen him in years...Can't wait to see the wedding pics. Good job Sam ~ they are very good pics!!!!!

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