Monday, August 4, 2008

Jermaine & Assata :: Wedding

These guys were such a fun couple with an equally jovial wedding party. I really had a blast at this wedding. Lots of great moments. Even realized at one point in the day that I went to high school with one of the groomsmen. Turns out, just about all of them were Jets at one point or another. Hornets sucked anyway, (yeah it's a rivalry thing).

The wedding and reception took place in Jack London Square. Everything was very classy and the colors were a great backdrop against the waterfront. Let me stop and say the food was just soooooo good. I know right, a photographer, shooting a wedding and then talking about the food. No, really it was amazing. I even included a shot :)

Enjoy the shots guy. (To friends and family, feel free to leave your well wishes to the newlyweds.)



Jason Lee said...

That ring shot is awesome!

Shamond Jr said...

Absolutely beautiful!!! The pictures are awesome and the wedding itself looks great! Congrats to Mr. & Mrs!! You are a phenomenal photographer!!!

Joel & Angela said...

They really are nice pictures. I always look forward to seeing your latest post. They are always so vibrant, and full of life.

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

Very nice pictures! But I have to say that it is all about the Hornets!

Donna Crockett said...

These photos are absolutely beautiful. I love all of the special touches that the photographer captured which made me feel like I was at the wedding. I have know the groom since we has in elementary school and was so happy for him and his bride. They exude love & happiness. My daughters were at the wedding, they said they had a ball, love was in the air and to expound on the photographer's food reaction, it was the best!

Niecey Moore said...

Jermaine & Assata. What a fun time and the pics are just gorgeous. I love how the colors turned out and the b/w ones are just amazing. FABULOUS job.
Much love to you two, very much in love, lovebirds!

Net&Marcus3315 said...

The wedding pictures are the closet thing to perfection that I have ever seen. The photographer is awesome. The wedding was absolutely breathtaking. We are very good friends of your parents (Greg & Frances)from Washington, DC. May the heavens look down upon this blessed event. Love you guys.

canvas print said...

im so glad to see your photos. you guys look made for each other.

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