Friday, July 11, 2008

Joan & Raven

Some of the coolest people in the Bay Area these two. Had a blast shooting their engagement session in Santa Cruz!! What a town man. We were able to get a good mix of of locations, starting at Raven's father's home in SC. Every seen a house that was half rain forest? That will give you a good idea of the house. Flowers/plants and trees EVERYWHERE. Very nice and it made for a great backdrop.

We hopped in the cars and drove down to the beach from there. What else did you expect if were already in Santa Cruz. We get there and we were met with a glorious sunset. Just amazing.

So to everyone that wonders what takes place behind the scene with me during a shoot, you get a special treat of an outtake from our beach half of the session.

So the sequence of things went like this. It was just before sundown. I usually like to shoot against the sun and that's how we started. I positioned them where I thought they/I would be safe......I was wrong. I thought this was hysterical. I was JUST as soaked, (but minus a gulp of sea water) as these guys. Luckily I had enough foresight to take off the bags and only had my camera in hand, (no she didn't get wet)

After about 2 minutes of shock and wondering whether I got the shot or not I noticed the sky behind us. Breathtaking. By then Raven, (groom) had his shirt off trying to ring it out and and we did the shot again but MUCH higher up than before. They were such awesome sports.

Enjoy the shots.

The Outtakes!!!

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Jackie R. said...

Oooo la la, Sam! From here to eternity like for sure! Lots of passion....nice shift from the other engagement sessions. You are really going places!

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