Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Jimmy & Jessica's Wedding

Jimmy and Jessica's wedding was loads of fun, (scroll down to the end and you'll see why). Really fun folks and and even funner bridal party. Some serious memories were made.

The wedding was in Albuquerque NM. My first time there as was many others but it was home for Jessica. Seemed fitting to have it there now that she is here in San Jose. I sure you all in NM miss her and she misses you :(

Jimmy and Jessica, graciously took the entire wedding party to a "carts and golf" type place to spend the rest of the evening. What better way to spend some last good byes then at the race track. Best part o the entire shoot was when the bridal party got in the bumper boats and realized ONLY when they were strapped in that the boats came equipped with water guns. Ahahaha, made for the killer shots. The last shot was in the ultra violet light room when.

Thanks again Jared for coming along for the ride. You always help man. Sonic burger at 2:00 a.m. each night was not very ideal. Sorry I snored too. Dude threw a pillow at me each night.
Enjoy the shots guys.



~Moi~ said...

That last photo is wicked cool!

jackie r. said...

Oh what fun! Can totally get it from the photos! Excellent!

Jessica said...

Your work is stunning! Beautiful.

Angelique C said...

I love your work Sam! I had no idea! You take amazing shots! And it's always fun to see people you know... getting ALL wet! LOL! Fun, FUN!

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