Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend~Swimming

This post is for all my family and friends that accuse me of not posting enough of the family. Perhaps your right. I do post shots in my wife's blog every now and then. Give her blog a look see.

This was Ethan's, (my older son) first time in a swimming pool. How was it? He is fearless! Nothing slows him down. He was pretty upset with me for yanking him out. Look at him just staring me down in the hot dog shot. Sorry bubba, you started to look like a raisin your 3rd hour in.
Also got a shot of Momma and Jon~Paul, (A.K.A. Goo-Goo's). Such a chunker! I swear he is a spitting image of Ethan at this age. Enjoy the shots.


Denise Neufeld said...

Great images of your family...and great images on your blog!!!

Denise Neufeld

Anonymous said...

I guess I won't have to take a trip to Walmart studio with Moni after all.... :o)


Monica said...

Aww Ethan and Jon~Paul are precious!!!

Monica Hassas said...

Leah, I think we're still gonna have to take that trip! LOL
Hon, these are great - thanks!

Angelique C said...

Omg... I have never met your kids.. they're gorgeous. Lol.. especially the stare down. ;)

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