Friday, July 18, 2008

Fourth of July card

A little late I know, but I didn't want to take away any thunder the Royer's had with showing these off first. Previously, I had never made a July 4th card. I though it came out rather nice actually. They ended up being 5x7 front and back cards mailed to family.

So now I can add this to the things Sam can do/has accomplished.

Wedding photography
Making egg rolls from scratch, (thanks Sis.)
Head shoting noobs, (COD4) while making eggs rolls from scratch
Portrait/Senior photography
Best B.B.Q ever
Family Photography
Mexican hat dance
Ride a bike while turned around sitting on the handle bars
Pop and lock
Crack toes
Speak Ebonics AND Chiconic
Make Forth of July Cards



1 comment:

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...

They came out very nice!
Jaimee Prado

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