Friday, January 14, 2011

San Fransisco Engagement Photography :: Laura & Michael

Up in the limelight is Laura & Michael! Location of choice was San Fransisco of course. We had an amazing city to begin with and now with he World Series win, we're on the top of the world. The session was awesome. I got pictures to prove it.

Laura & Michael will be marrying at Clos La Chance Winery. You might remember me shooting there a bit ago when Jessica & Cory hitched there. One of my most favorite locations in the South Bay. Gonna be radical, (HA! I said radical)

Thank you Dolores for help as assistant for this engagement. It was a pleasure having you out again.




Harry Hilders said...

Great shots. Keep up the good work.

Candice said...

So FUN! I'm waiting for Mr Right to finally propose so I can go about hiring you! =)

Pallo said...

LOVE the shot at the POFA.

Sarah said...

Wow really cool photography dude..
really attractive..

Paul Charette said...

Beautiful images mang.

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