Monday, January 3, 2011

San Fransisco City Hall Photographer

Delaina married Danny and Delaina is Philips sister and Philip decided to marry Lauren and a partridge in a pair tree.

2 couple
2 post wedding sessions

Post wedding sessions are a blast. All the fun of a wedding day minus the rush. I TOTALLY recommend them if you'd like to add some great finally images for your wedding album. I shot the wedding for both couples down in Bakersfield a year+ ago.
For their post wedding session, they decided on coming up to San Fransisco and shooting at City Hall. I forgot how awesome that place is.

Thanks to Henry for helping out as assistant here. Helped big time bud. Thanks again.
It's 2011 folks!! Enjoy your day, week, month and year. CHEERS!




Wow... these photos are Amazing.... really.

Nice WORK =)

Max A. Franks said...

Sam, after experiencing you during our family shoot, I look at your imagery and now I see a glimpse of what went on in your cranium prior to the shot. I also appreciate the final results that much more! Beautiful work my friend.

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