Monday, August 30, 2010

San Jose Wedding Photographer :: Haleh & Ramtin

"Hello blog." (I'm treating my blog as a person these days cause it's days are numbered and I feel sorry for em. Yeah, that's right, new one is right around the corner.)

Haleh and Ramtin!! These are the folks I drove 8 hrs for and then trekked through 2 feet in snow during an engagement session. :) I love you lots guys. Your wedding was great!! Thanks for allowing me to bring along Tony for the ride as well. The day was perfect. Met lots of folks I'm probably related to by 4 or 5th cousin. Such nice folks. Always love shooting Persian weddings.

Tony, thanks for coming all the way out from Florida to hang out with us. Also, wanted to say a BIG thank you to Brian Gross for helping out as second shooter on this wedding. You were awesome for coming bud.

Cheers folks. Before leaving, rub my blogs back a little and tell em it will be okay. **sniff sniff**


Awwww.Thanks for the help guys. :)



Mark said...

fantastic set ... what a wedding.
Nothing like seeing images from a shooter or shooters at the top of their game.

I wish my wife and i could get married all over again - just to have Sam and Tony shoot it.

Hannah said...

Awesome shoot, Sam! There are some really great moments. Absolutely Beautiful!!!

Us Four & No More said...

At the risk of sounding "stalker-ish", I noticed you said you may be ending your blog? PLEASE DON'T! I truly enjoy seeing your work.

There... Said it.

Luke Snyder Studio said...

that was about 180 seconds of pure bliss. Thanks.

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