Friday, June 19, 2009

Robin & Christopher :: Engaged

Firefighter meets Nurse. Firefighter like nurse. Nurse likes firefighter as well. Nurse and firefighter make out and decide to get engaged. True story, I swear!

Robin & Chris in da house!! Thanks for a delightful session you two. Lets see, we shot the beach, the railroad trellis, the Boardwalk, more beach and then downtown Santa Cruz. You think we missed anything? :) Hope you guys enjoy the shots. Wedding in just a few weeks. You guys rock my socks like chicken pox.

Big thank you to Ari for helping out on this one. I had NO clue the dude drove from L.A. just to be at the shoot. Mow THAT'S dedication. :) You're money bags bud.


Denise Neufeld said...

These a great Sam....loving the creativity!!!!

Denise Neufeld Photography

Studio 239 Photography said...

OMG Sam. Are you serious?!?! How did you dooo this?!?! These images are awesome. You see things I don't see. One day buddy. I'm going to be as great as you. Thanks for having me!

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