Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Broken Arm

My son Ethan broke his arm last Thursday. I was on a shoot and the wife called from the ambulance. I had my gear and decided to document. It's was really tough watching my boy suffer. I wiped lots of tears while looking through the lens, almost to the point of setting the camera down. I document my kids often and pushed on through.

He ended up with a compound fracture. The bone was completely broken and was protruding through the flesh. As I said I was not there and when mom realized what had happened, almost passed out herself. The ambulance was called and he was rushed to the hospital. He was SUCH a trooper. From the time between breaking his arm and JUST going in for surgery he was without any pain medication. At times he smiled and laughed as well. When I got there he greeted me and this was our conversation:

"daddy, what happen to my arm?"

"you broke it bubba"

broken voice "can you fix it?"

We love you Ethan, please help mom and daddy and choose a new hero other then Superman. A rock, slug or tree would be an excellent choice. Thanks for the look everyone.


His toy, rubber lizard. He LOVES him.
The compound fracture.

just before surgery. He knew he was going in.
after surgery and FULL of meds. :)

This shot is very special to my wife and I. 4 years ago she was wheeled out of this same hospital door with a brand new Ethan to introduce to the world.

next day at home

the "good" arm
we love you bubbs. get well soon.....


Scott Andrew said...

Dude, I'm so bummed for the lil guy. He's such a trooper though and that's what little dudes do! You and Moni are awesome. I'm thinking a super slug that stays close to the ground most of the time, maybe venturing to a leaf a few inches off of the ground is the best idea for Ethan.

davidmcgovern said...

Poor little dude! I concur with Scott. The Slug is by far the best choice for a hero. That break looks ouch! Give him our love bro!

Deb said...

Hope he heals well! what a scary thing for you two. But I bet he'll be up and at 'em in no time. Awesome coverage of the hospital, Sam!

maura kate moore said...

what a strong little man! that's a crazy break. but on the bright side, since he won't be swimming this summer - there's no time like the present to get a camera into his good hand and train him up for second shooting.

love to your whole fam. xoxo

Sam Obeid said...

Wow...strong little mini me you have there. Get well soon Ethan!

Jon Courtney said...

amazing. wow these pictures have captured the experience so well....as someone who simply follows your photography, I feel like I have walked personally through the situation through these photos. it must have been a difficult thing to walk through with your boy....especially the "daddy can you fix it?" question....wow. As always the photos are great but these take on an extraordinary quality with the story. they are superb. thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Wow Sam,

Sorry. I have been to the ER several times with my little son, who's now 19 by the way, and not so little.

Sure you would have switched places with him in a heartbeat.

He looks like you!
_David Burridge

Jason & Leah said...

My poor bubba!!!!

Sam - Thanks for documenting this, so we all can feel like we were there.

Props to Moni for being so calm everytime I talked to her...hahaha. I kept waiting for her to freak out and she never did :)


The Prados said...

Oh Ethan,
I hope you are feeling better....I promise I will take you to the airplane museum this summer.
Auntie Jaimee

P.S. Great pictures Sam!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor little papa! I wanted to cry looking at those pics. Awesome pics Sam and Moni is so strong I for sure would have had a break down.


Jennifer Connell said...

Aww poor little guy!! I hope he gets better soon ~ He's getting so big!

Photography by Sarah Salyer said...

Broken armed super-her! What a sweetie! He might possibly be one of the cutest kids ever! His are so pretty, even in the sad pictures, still an absolute cutie! hope he feels better soon!

Rich said...

That's a tough little man you got there Sam... tell him, "Pain is temporary, Glory is Forever, Bones heal and Chicks dig scars".. .

Sam Hassas said...

^^Epic Comment^^

Thanks for the love everyone. Ethan says hello. :)

tfer said...

Sam, give Ethan our best.

Trent Ferguson and family.

Marco said...

Hi Ethan,

all the best and get well soon. You'll be a strong man, I'm sure :D No swimming in summer and drink a lot of milk to help you bones to heal quickly.


Niki Flynn Photography said...

Hi Sam...
I have 3 little boys and when my oldest was almost 3, he had his thumb crushed, and had to have surgery to put pins in it. Looking at your photographs of your sweet little boy took me right back to that moment, and brought tears to my eyes. They are so little, yet so amazingly brave and strong. Thanks for sharing. Big hugs to you all.

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