Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving + Self Portrait

Cooked the first turkey of my life. Results......Best. Turkey. Ever. So juicy you didn't need a knife. The recipe comes from a mixture of my Mother-in-law and my Sister-in-law's turkey recipes. Thank guys:

20 pound pre-brined Turkey
Stuffing used:
Whole yellow onion
Fuji apple
5 cloves of fresh garlic
4 celery stalks.

The magic is in the butter and white wine used. Cook about 1 cup of cooking white wine with 2 cubes of unsalted butter. This is what I used to inject the turkey with. The cavity of the turkey needs to be patted down with rock salt before the stuffing is added. Cut another 2 cubes of salted butter and place several slices under the turkey skin. Lastly sprinkle garlic salt on the bird after rubbing it down with vegetable oil.
Cooking time was about 5 hours on 350 degrees. We basted it every hour. It was delicious!!

After my Tryptophan induced nap I took these of myself while laying on the couch. This is something, I rarely see. A picture of myself.

I love this time of year. Food, friends and festivites till the new year!! Happy Holiday's everyone.


Jason & Leah said...

2 Turkeys in 1 blog posting...snap.

Evan Baines said...

That's one sexy turkey!

Oh, and the food shots aren't bad either ;)


Anonymous said...

Regard self-portrait: Nothing like a narcissistic moment!

Sam Hassas said...

^^^ahaha,I shoulda know someone was gonna use that. Too funny! Thanks folks.


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