Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kellen Royer Family Session

Tom Sayer or Dennis Mitchell? That's what comes to mind with this WONDERFUL session. Meet Kellen. In all honesty, he has a very sweet demeanor and is far from a "Menace" but his looks, outfits and "boyness" were just too similar not to think of it. Mom and Dad gave me a location they wanted to use and frankly, that seldom works well. I have to see it and feel it to make sure the vision will match the execution. Too many photo sessions only sound good on paper. NOT this one. This location worked fantastically. Way to go Stan (Dad)! I love, love LOVED it!!

We did three outfit changes ending it all with a creek session with a frog I had bought to liven things up. He loved it and even named it. "Chudo", was that what it was guys? My plans were to give it to Kellen or let it go in the creek. To my surprise when I was buying the frog at Petsmart, they had me sign a contract noting I'd care for it and not leave it out in the wild to be preyed on. God bless frogs. Frogs rule. Frogs forever!

Enjoy the images. Take care.



HG said...

These pictures are absolutely INCREDIBLE! Without a doubt, you are blessed with talent from God! All of your work is beautiful, but these pictures really take the cake. The boy is darling, but the setting and the clothes just push it over the top. Wow - these are truly amazing!

PLEASE come to Southern California so you can shoot my boys. Ahhhh... if only.

Thanks for sharing your fantastic work - it is a joy to view. I love to see somebody making a living with something they are passionate about. Your tender heart shines through all your pictures.

I'm in awe...


Anonymous said...

These are my favorite so far! I love this set, he is adorable.


Alex said...

Sam, this set is absolutely wondeful! You did an awesome job!

Ari & Jaimee Prado said...


These pictures as well as the others are incredible. I wish my camera did this... I probably need to upgrade from a polaroid. I am so impressed with the quality and creativity of your work.

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