Wednesday, April 30, 2008

M & M's (Mehgan & MaKayla Johnson)

Meet Mehgan & MaKayla, (a.k.a. Bug). These dolls were the subjects of my camera a few weeks back during a session in Modesto. Actually, this is my second time shooting them as we've already had one session back during Christmas time last year. Here we are again.

So we started our session in an Orchard not too far from Modesto in a city called Delhi. How did I find the orchard? I saw one I liked, knocked on the door and asked if we could have a shoot there, and they said yes. Love this old sofa in this series. Thank you Jared for lugging it out ALL the way from Fairfield. Great friend. Check his site out, pure AWESOME!

We next went to this open field with this old Chevy sittin on blocks. How did I find an old truck? Went to the owner's house, knocked on the door and asked. You'll be surprised to find, I've NEVER been denied the privileged of shooting on someone's land. Everyone is usually very hospitable about it, especially in the country. The horse belongs to my brother-in-law's in-laws. Did you get that? Henry and Patty own a gorgeous place on a few acres in Delhi. Thanks again for lending "Buddy" to us.

I did some new stuff to this session. For one, a few of these shots have textures applied to them, (photoshop technique). I think they turned out rather nicely. Two, I'm using more and more off camera lighting. I've been frequenting a lot of strobist sites and the things you learn are incredible.

Thank you girls and thank you Sis. Johnson. I hear one of these photos will be enlarged and hung in grandpa's, (Pastor Randy Keyes) office in Hazlewood MI. Great feeling on my part. Enjoy the photos.




Chandra said...

I am impressed! Go, Sam, go!

Kari said...

Love'em...I wanna see more pics of your boys though!!!
What time of day were this pics done may I ask? Late afternoon?

Sam Hassas said...

Thanks ladies. To answer your question Kari, it was during sunset. I usually always shoot at that time. Take care.

Karen Hopper said...

Fabulous pictures.

Jennifer said...

Wow Sam...good work! You're taking my senior pics by the way...=)

-Weston- said...

These are great! I love love love the sixth image from the top with the old yellow truck! The orchard/couch shots are really great too! Reminds me of when I shot pics from my younger bro's cd and we found an old couch discarded on the side of the road by an old warehouse. It was perfect! :)

Great pics! :)

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