Monday, January 28, 2008

Jessica & James

This fine couple will be tieing the knot this coming July. We spent the day together a few Saturdays ago and did an engagement session in the city. These guys were so cool. they let me do some creative stuff, (I cut my teeth on this) and we just took over the town. Lots of chemistry between the two. Didn't even have to ask them to pose most of the time. They just knew what to do........

Jessica is from New Mexico and thats where we will be shooting their wedding. Once married, She will be moving over to our side of the country to be with her new husband. I'm sure she will be missed. Enjoy the photos. ****Disclaimer: No melons were hurt/injured during this engagement session.****


Leandra said...

Wow! You took some great shots! I really like the new engagement pictures.

Jesse & Lynna said...

The feel of these fabulous shots is that they love each other. I like the action shots and the capture of each smile. Very alive! Great shoot.

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